Looking for a Russian Speaking Tax Lawyer?

Attorney Eugene Glouzgal represents Russian speaking clients in a variety of tax related cases, both Federal and with the State of Connecticut. Attorney Glouzgal is familiar with the tax resolution procedures specific to the IRS and DRS. As a tax lawyer, Attorney Glouzgal understands that each case is different yet there are still some similar underlying factors. He approaches every case with a focus on the clients’ needs.

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What Issues Can a Tax Lawyer Help With?

  • Federal income tax;
  • Connecticut income tax;
  • Connecticut Sales & Use Tax on products or services;
  • Federal payroll tax;
  • Connecticut payroll tax;
  • tax audits;
  • innocent spouse tax liability.

What Can a Tax Lawyer Do For You?

Whether you are receiving letters from the IRS or DRS threatening liens, levies or criminal prosecution, have already been levied or your property encumbered, or are being held responsible for the tax liabilities of a spouse, Attorney Glouzgal can make sure your due process rights are protected to the fullest extent of the law.

As your ta lawyer, Attorney Glouzgal can:

  • make offers in compromise to settle tax debt;
  • arrange payment plans to meet your tax liabilities;
  • attempt to settle tax debts while avoiding criminal prosecution;
  • appeal certain types of tax debt;
  • navigate you through a tax audit; or
  • partially or fully escape liability for tax debt of an abusive spouse.

What Should You Look for In a Tax Lawyer?

  • Actual Lawyer – many tax resolution services are not lawyers
  • Experience – you want a tax lawyer who has seen a broad spectrum of situations and circumstances
  • Familiarity with IRS & DRS Procedure – you want a tax lawyer who knows the procedures and how to use them to your advantage
  • Understanding – you want a tax lawyer who isn’t going to judge you
  • Attention to detail – you want a tax lawyer who treats your case like it’s their own
  • Availability by phone, e-mail and in person – you want a tax lawyer you can actually reach. It’s a huge plus when they speak your native language too.
  • The Personal Touch – you want a tax lawyer who isn’t going to pass your file on to a paralegal or associate attorney

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If you need a Russian speaking tax lawyer to help resolve your tax issues with the IRS or CT DRS, please fill out the contact form below or call Glouzgal Ramos Groth LLP at 203-740-1400. Our office is located on Federal Road in Brookfield and easy to reach via I-84 and Route 7. Our Russian speaking tax lawyer, Eugene Glouzgal, offers FREE CONSULTATIONS to all prospective clients.